InfoMindz Technologies, incorporated in 1997, is one of the leading software solution providers in Malaysia. Team InfoMindz consists of highly trained software professionals having experience in development and timely-delivery of software products and IT applications to Banking, Insurance and Telecommunication industries using the state-of-the-art technologies and software development environments.

Its key solution, Softwar6e Distribution and Management System (SDMS) is a distributed application that centrally automates the process of uploading Electronic Journal (EJ) and sending software updates i.e. application updates and graphics files etc. to all ATMs.

The application allows the bank to automatically and productively distribute new software, marketing screens, videos and applications to the ATM channel from one central point of distribution without having to physically send staff to the ATM to perform the software load as practiced by many banks today.

Besides electronically download software, the application allows retrieval of electronic journal (EJ) from the ATMs to a central location. The uploading of EJ can be scheduled or done at an ad-hoc basis. With an EJ viewer with search and print capabilities, it would speed up the resolution of discrepancies.

Whether it is used to download files to the ATMs or retrieve EJ from the ATMs, SDMS will improve productivity dramatically for a bank.

Because of the many business benefits of using SDMS, many banks have implemented the solution in this region.

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