ATM security has attracted considerable attention given the uncountable frauds committed on the ATM channel. ATM transactions are quick and convenient, but the machines and the areas surrounding them can be susceptible to criminal activities if they are not properly protected and monitored. Manufacturers have delivered solutions like white listing, radio frequency jamming, anti-skimming, jitter and so on. However, this is not sufficient.

The purpose of video capture, image with transaction details  and surveillance is to:

    • Record the person using the ATM
    • Record the ATM transaction details for later retrieval, audit and investigation
    • Record suspicious activities in the ATM vicinity

Another issue facing banks is that they do not know and cannot get alerts if:

  • Camera lens is blocked
  • Camera power is unplugged
  • Record suspicious activities in the ATM vicinity
  • DVR is turned off
  • Hard Disk crash
  • DVR is removed or stolen
They are left with an ATM that is not monitored without anyone knowing. We have solved this issue with an active monitoring system that sends alerts to the  head office should any of the above incidents occur.
Because of our advanced ATM security camera solution, we have provided, installed and maintain over 50,000 integrated ATM camera and DVR systems that records and overlays the  customer selected transaction details on the video image. This has assisted our customers in investigations, reconciliations and quick customer complaint resolutions.
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